Q: Do I need to be a physician to sign up to rate a healthcare facility or be a part of the courtesy network? What if I am a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA)?

A: Our network and ratings will only be open to physicians and healthcare facility owners.


Q: Why do some healthcare facilities have a facility answer and an average physician answer in their rating?

A: We believe it is important for healthcare facilities to answer our survey and for physicians to either validate or contradict the answer of the healthcare facility. Because our rating and courtesy network system are anonymous, physicians can feel secure in giving full and honest answers.


Q: What is the courtesy network? How does it work?

A: Our courtesy network is a network designed to help physicians find eachother in their times of need. We have asked all participating physicians to add their contact information so that they may find each other if they get sick or hospitalized. There are various rules that govern the courtesy network that can be found if you click on the “courtesy network” icon once you log in as a physician.


Q: Can I rate a facility if I own a healthcare facility? How can I complete the survey and rating?

A: If you own a healthcare facility but are not a physician, Email info@yourphysicianfinder.com and we will send you a secure link for your facility where you can complete our survey and rating. We ask that you have at least one physician on staff that will complete the rating as well to validate your responses.


Q: Who owns my data? Will my data be sold?

A: YourPhysicanFinder does not own your data. Your data is owned by Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP) and will never be sold. Use of your data for advertising will not be done without the consent of the board of PPP.


Q: I am a patient and not a physician, is there a network for me to find physician led care?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a network set up for patients who are not physicians. Part of our plans for future expansion are to collect a network of physicians who are willing to see patients who request physician led care through our site.


Q: How is your rating system different from other websites?

A: Our rating system was crafted exclusively by physicians. No healthcare executives, administrators, or financial stakeholders were consulted for the creation of our rating system. Our system was created with that of patient outcomes and physician led care in mind.


Q: I am the family member of a physician; can I sign up for the courtesy network?

A: While your family member who is a physician can sign up and add you to their network, you can not sign up on our website. Your family member who is a physician can contact other physicians if you become ill or hospitalized, however all communication on the network will stay between physicians.