Illness Assistance Network Rules

1. Personal information shared between colleagues shall stay between colleagues. If you decide to click the reveal button and reveal the contact information of a colleague, we ask that you keep the information to yourself. Do not share with a family member or friend even if contacting that physician on your family member or friend’s behalf.

2. We ask that you include personal contact information where you are reachable at least on a daily basis. We ask that you include your personal cell phone number so that colleagues can reach each other in times of true emergencies. If you did not include your personal cell phone number, please add it in your account settings after reading these rules. Being difficult to contact due to including an office or hospital phone number is means for removal from the network (you can’t contact others in your time of need).

3. We ask that you respect the time of your colleagues and only contact them at non-banking (ie 9-5pm M-F in the time zone of the colleague you are contacting) hours if a true emergency.

4. Sharing personal contact information with anyone who is not a member of the courtesy network (i.e. a family member who is a non-physician) without the express consent of the physician you are contacting will result in an immediate, irreversible ban from the platform.

5. Each physician is allowed to decide whether they will help the family members of their colleagues. We ask that physicians who add family members on their profile also accept to help the family members of other physicians.

6. Each physician who signs up for the courtesy network should be willing to help their colleagues in times of need with the understanding that the physician that is contacting them is also willing to offer their colleagues assistance in their times of need.

7. Yourphysicianfinder will not be involved in any way with conversations between physicians. Once the contact information of a physician on our website is revealed, we have delivered our service of connecting the two physicians.

8. Do not share patient information or HIPAA protected data with yourphysicianfinder in any manner. Any complaints about the sharing of personal contact information with nonphysicians should exclude HIPAA protected data from the complaint.

9. Do not contact a physician on the network for medico-legal advice. The intent of the network is to connect physicians to physician-led care, not to serve as a network for malpractice lawsuits.

10. We hope our members will hold a high bar for initiating a malpractice suit against a colleague that was contacted through our network. One malpractice lawsuit may ruin the network for the users who rely on this network for their own wellbeing. While not enforceable, we ask you not to sign up for the network if you can imagine suing a physician you contact on this platform.

Questions about our rules? Email us at

If you’d like to report a physician who has violated our rules, please email us at We take all reports seriously and will address your concerns in a timely manner. Please exclude any HIPAA protected information from your report. Reporting a physician may result in the physician who is reported being banned from the courtesy network.